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Mentor Program 2017

What is the PASS Mentor Programme?

The PASS Mentor program is the facilitation of a personal and professional developmental relationship between a more experienced or knowledgeable pharmacist (mentor) and a fellow pharmacist who is less experienced (mentee). Both mentor and mentee are paired according to professional area, skills, need and other criteria.

Whilst the PASS mentor programme will be available to all registered pharmacists, we will seek to tailor promotion of the mentor provision service to the following groups specifically:

  • Newly qualified pharmacists
  • Pharmacists returning to practice
  • Pharmacists who have undergone a fitness to practice process

Anyone can be mentored (be a mentee) and your mentor will be someone who you respect and provides you with the information and guidance you want, in an environment that encourages you to manage your own learning and develop your skills.

Apply to be a Mentee:

Mentee Application-Form

Pharmacists Advice and Support Service Mentor Guide

Please note that the program is currently in a pilot stage, therefore places are limited and we operate on a first come first served basis.  If the pilot is successful we will look to increasing capacity of the service in the near future.


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