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Pharmacist Advice and Support Service (PASS) is a charitable trust with a legal mandate to help pharmacists, ex pharmacists, their families and pre-registration trainees in times of need.

Our History

Pharmacist Advice and Support service, as it is known now, originally started in 1935 as the Benevolent Fund of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland. 

In 2011 responsibility of the fund transferred to the Pharmacy Forum, the arms length body of the Society responsible for professional leadership, and in late 2012 the seven elected members of the Pharmacy Forum Board signed the deeds becoming trustees of the service. Since then the PASS Committee have been building upon the foundations laid by the Society and focusing strongly on developing a sustainable and effective multi-approach service.

We are continuously reviewing the services offered by PASS and we would appreciate feedback from the profession on how the service can better support potential beneficiaries.

A recent survey conducted by the Pharmacy Forum NI indicated that 22% of the Pharmacy population in the NI, that responded to the survey have caring responsibilities. To enhance the caring support services offered by PASS, we are currently conducting a survey regarding Pharmacists, their families and potential caring responsibilities. We would appreciate you completing the survey via the link below:



Please be assured that all information will be anonymous and treated as confidential.

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