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Merry Christmas from Pharmacy Forum NI 

We would like to take the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year from the Board members and staff of the Pharmacy Forum NI.

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Improve / Review Your CPD Recording Technique

Got any bad habits? What about a CPD New Year’s resolution for 2016?

Pharmacy Forum NI offers a range of training and support services for those wishing to improve their CPD recording technique.  With the submission deadline for the 2015/2016 year set as Tuesday 31 May 2016, Pharmacy Forum NI would like to encourage you to come along to one of the events outlined in the 2015/2016 CPD Facilitation programme below.

Facilitation Training Events

These evenings are participative learning events with facilitators on hand to answer your queries and provide support. The course covers CPD requirements, CPD record-keeping, documentation and evidence requirements.  Participants are encouraged to bring along a completed cycle.

The next training events will be held on:

  • Thursday 20 January 2016 at 7.30pm in The Glenavon House Hotel, Cookstown
  • Tuesday 26 January 2016 at 7.30pm in The Waterfoot Hotel, Londonderry
  • Tuesday 19 April 2016 at 7.30pm in the Society House, Belfast

Book now to avoid disappointment.

One to One, 45 minute Facilitation Sessions

These concise 45 minute sessions provide an opportunity for pharmacists who have already attended a CPD Facilitation evening or who are familiar with the existing training materials, to fine tune and or get advice on completing specific cycles.

The next One to One facilitation events will be held on:

  • Tuesday 09 February 2016 at the Dunsilly Hotel, Antrim
  • Tuesday 26 April 2016 at Society House, 73 University Street, Belfast

Book online now

Other resources

For information on other resources or if you have a query on CPD support please contact the Pharmacy Forum Coordinator by email: or by telephone: (028)90326927.

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Last call for responses to our consultation on professional standards for error reporting

We’re working with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Association of Pharmacy Technicians to create professional standards for error reporting, as part of our commitment to supporting a culture of patient safety through sharing and learning from the reporting of incidents.

The resource will define the professional duty for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy teams to be open and honest when things go wrong, and to report actual errors and near misses. Doing so enables pharmacy teams to learn from incidents, share improvements and consequently, enhance patient safety.

The document will also describe existing barriers to greater reporting, a range of enablers to help overcome these, and summarises the existing regulatory framework

This draft standard is aligned to the Pharmacy Forum NI’s ongoing work representing Northern Ireland pharmacists on the UK wide Rebalancing Medicines Legislation and Pharmacy Regulation Programme Board to improve safety for users of pharmacy services.

We are making a draft version of the professional standards for error reporting available for consultation and testing. We are seeking views from all stakeholders including patients, patient groups, pharmacy teams, regulators, Royal Colleges, NHS organisations, colleagues in academia, and pharmacy bodies.

If you’d like to give your feedback, please complete our consultation form and return it to Wing Tang who is collating the responses on behalf of the professional organisations ( by 15 January 2016.

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Preparation of Pharmacists for Public Appointments/ External Boards and Committees Event

Due to over subscription we have arranged another ‘Preparation of Pharmacists for Public Appointments/ External Boards and Committees Event’, for those of you not aware, this event is a highly popular course will help you understand and demystify the process of public appointments.

The aim of this course is;

Pharmacy Forum NI have identified a number of key roles that we would like to encourage pharmacists to participate in and to ensure the profession is represented by pharmacists as appropriate e.g.

  • The Public Sector
  • Regulatory roles e.g. Fitness to practice panels, Council membership
  • External Boards and Committees
  • Non Departmental Public Bodies and other government agencies

In general appointments in the public sector and professional environments e.g. secondary care require knowledge of interview process and in particular competency based interviews.

We are aware from feedback that some pharmacists are reluctant to apply and put themselves forward for such positions as they feel unsure:

  • of the process
  • how they can relate their skills and competencies to the role
  • how to sell themselves and what will be required to impress an employer/recruiter

Indeed some pharmacists have well established careers but may never have had to be part of rigorous interview process.

To that end we are going to host an evening for 20 pharmacists to kick-start their thinking about what they need to do to prepare for application for such posts through to typical interview process.

To book a place please click here

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Rewarding Excellence

Reminder that the closing date for the ‘Call for Fellows’ is 15 January 2016. Further information and nominations details can be found at

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CW Young Fund

Reminder that the closing date for the CW Young Bursary is 12 February 2016. Details on the fund and application process can be found at

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Have your say – Membership Survey – Service Development

In continuing to achieve its objective to lead, promote and support our members the Pharmacy Forum NI would welcome your views on our developing our services.

The survey that takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

To have your say please click here:


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Minister announces investment to put pharmacists in GP practices

Health Minister Simon Hamilton today announced a five year initiative that will see the additional investment in 2016/17 of up to £2.6million, rising to £14million per year in 2020/21, to provide for pharmacists to work alongside GPs.

“We know our GP services face rising demand for appointments and prescriptions. We also know that patients are not getting the optimal benefits from their medicines and that there is a high level of non-adherence and waste across the UK, with up to 6% of hospital admissions due to the adverse effects of medication.

“This is why I am delighted to be able to announce today this 5-year investment that will see £2.55million invested in 2016/17, rising to £14million per annum in 2020/21, to support pharmacists in GP practices.”

GPs delivered 875,000 more consultations with patients in 2013/14 than in 2010/11. Alongside the growth in consultations has been a growth in prescribing with a 42% increase in repeat prescriptions in the ten year period since 2003/4. While the cost of prescribing has fallen by 18 per cent in real terms since 2006, the volume of prescriptions continues to rise significantly – from 23 million items in 2000 to almost 39 million in 2013.

The Minister continued: “With the growth in our elderly population and more people living with multiple conditions, prescribing medications is becoming increasingly complex.

“We have a great resource in our pharmacists whom we want to better utilise to work directly alongside GPs and nurses. Not only will this approach deliver a better service for patients, it is also common sense to ensure we make the most effective use of the skills and experience we have in health and social care.

“Critically, having a pharmacist as part of the clinical team within a practice can also relieve work pressure on GPs, freeing up time for the GP to spend with patients with more complex medical needs, helping to make appointments at GP surgeries easier to get and improving the quality and safety of our prescribing for better patient outcomes. This investment is also an important component in delivering my Department’s Medicines Optimisation Quality Framework.”


The Pharmacy Forum NI welcomes the investment and creation of new roles for pharmacists. There is a wealth of evidence that practice-based pharmacists, working as part of the clinical team, will relieve the pressure on GPs and make a huge difference to patient care.  We look forward to working with others to develop this new and exciting role for pharmacists. Greater use of pharmacists in primary care is one of the recurring themes we continue to advocate for.

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Consultation on changes on reform of health and social care system

Health Minister Simon Hamilton launched a public consultation on reform of Northern Ireland’s Health and Social Care system.

The consultation document is available on the Department’s website with responses required by 12 February 2016

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